Stop the HOT Lane!

We are petitioning the State of Georgia, the Georgia DOT and the Gwinnett County Commission to immediately stop or suspend the HOT lanes along I-85 through Gwinnett County.  By removing the Existing HOV lane for use as a toll lane the State has created daily traffic jams and backlogs causing greater pollution, increased travel times, and an extra tax on the citizens of Gwinnett County and points North during times of economic decline.  The adjustable toll system amounts to a Monopoly on the travel lane requiring customer to pay a higher surcharge (price gouging) for the ability to arrive to or from work in a timely manner.

3289 people have already signed the petition, will you be the next?

Thank you for your support in our grassroots effort to stop the HOT lane, if you are interested in having a representative stop by with petitions or as a guest speaker please e-mail

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Petition by Howard Rodgers - Site by Charles Read